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We were all moved to another room, the place where Tanner would enter the world silently. The nurse on duty was very sympathetic and showed great concern for us. The cords were hooked up into my arm and the morphine slowly entered my veins.

Soon afterwards the anesthesiologist inserted the needle into my back to numb my lower extremities. All this activity was performed quietly while my supportive family stood in the room by my side. I did not want the television on or any other distractions for fear of missing something.

The nurse was to be relieved by another and I felt panicked about the change. I truthfully did not want her to leave because we had been through so much in this short amount of time. Nurse Tara  would be the angel to put the first hands upon my son.

I was immediately comforted by her presence. She was kind, spoke softly and made sure my family was comfortable by offering the room next door as sleeping quarters for my in-laws. She informed me that the white rose taped to the door was to let other staff members know what was happening in our room. I think my father-in-law used it because we were all very tired being up all night.

The hours dragged by with great anticipation of the pitocin to take effect helping Tanner on his way. I asked Nurse Tara how long this will take and what do I do. She couldn’t answer how long we would have to wait but kindly brought a green satin box for me. Inside this box were things I never thought I would ever have to touch.

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