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daffodil-3-c.jpgI cannot think of a more appropriate sympathy gift for families grieving the loss of their baby. The holidays have come and gone without the patter of little feet or cries coming from the nursery. The cold of winter not only effects us physically, but psychologically for bereaved parents. We tend to stay indoors, the sun hides it warmth and the dreary landscape is gray and asleep.

Daffodil bulbs could be included in a sympathy basket for families grieving the loss of their angel or even given on their babies angelversary. They are easy to grow, not bothered by squirrels, can be placed indoors or in outside containers, and can be planted in almost every plant zone. The best reason to plant a daffodil bulb for your baby in heaven is for its first blooms that break ground giving a ray of much needed sunshine from a long, gloomy winter. Because I drool over any plant, the moment I see the foliage peeking through the mulch is when my spirits are lifted, knowing spring is but a breath away.

daffoldil-2-c.jpgDaffodils come in different sizes, flower color and shape, fragrance and bloom times. If the correct bulbs are selected, your daffodils may start blooming in February (February Gold) on through until the beginning of May.

daf-5-c1.jpgOne great feature of a daffodil or narcissus is the property to naturalize, meaning it multiplies. More and more plants will come up year after year. This magnificent display can be photographed for your babies scrapbook. Make sure you love this plant before purchasing because you will have a difficult time removing them once established.

narcissus-c1.jpgThe one thing that bothers me about this plant is how sad it looks after the blooms have faded. The foliage then turns brown and flops over. When this happens I rake back the mulch around the plants and step on the leaves so they bend over. The foliage is now parallel to the ground and I cover them back up with the mulch (and maybe add a little more). You want to leave the foliage in tact for an amazing display of flowers the following year.

daffodil-c.jpgFor me, there is a connection between the first emerging flower of the new year and the feelings I have for my stillborn son. In a way, Tanner is letting me know that there is hope and joy for us. Winter and feelings associated with the cold and dark days need to exist for us to truly appreciate what we are blessed with. There is a time to sleep and there is a time to live. I see the foliage today:)


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