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daf-5-c.jpgEven though I feel the death of a baby is the ultimate pain, I don’t like to measure that emotion. I simply use an analogy. We are not on the same plane as everyone else once the 2 pink lines of the ppt are visible. When their heartbeat comes to an abrupt halt, we just have a longer way to fall.

My sweet friend of almost 20 years has recently had a miscarriage.

She was by my side when my son was born still over 4 years ago. Her and another long time girlfriend flew hundreds of miles to comfort me when I couldn’t see straight.

I just happened to call her the evening of the tragic event because the great news of being pregnant came via email a few days earlier. What were the chances. So we talked and talked. She then said, “Diana, my loss is nothing compared to you losing Tanner.” Oh my God, pain is pain. She so much wanted this child, my heart was just broken for her. A baby is still loved no matter how small or how briefly they stayed. I didn’t want her to shelter her tears from me because I had a chance to see my child. We are trying to break this “Silent Grief” stigmata and now I wanted to comfort her.

Her little angel was to be a Christmas baby so I wrote her baby’s due date on my calendar and will send her an angel card at that time.

The holidays are not always full of joy for many parents. We always think about how it should have been.

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