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After almost 5 years of building Tanner’s memory garden, there is life other than the plants we installed. The sweetest sound was that of 4 baby birds in one of the crape myrtle trees planted. They obviously thought mama was on her way with food.

I was so happy a mother bird found refuge in Tanner’s tree, the one directly behind his cross.

Not only did the crape myrtles provide a nesting area, this year was the largest display of white blooms.

Natchez crape myrtle trees were chosen because of the white flowers, being drought tolerate, a weeping growth habit, gorgeous cinnamon colored bark and the growth rate is extremely fast. They grow to about 25 feet in height.

Eventually the trees will shade the interior of Tanner’s memory garden. It is rather hot in Zone 7 during the summer months so shade will be welcomed. This is what I see when I look up through the crape myrtle trees while sitting in the center of his garden.

The natchez crape myrtle tree is one of many crape myrtles available. Below is a variety called burgundy cotton crape myrtle. The white flower buds look like popcorn before opening to a pale pink bloom. Burgundy cotton crape myrtle is much smaller than the natchez, growing to about 10 feet tall.

Another variety of crape myrtle is twilight. Twilight crape myrtle trees are more upright growing to about 15 feet in height bearing purple flowers.

There are so many different colors and mature heights to select, you are bound to find just the right one for your child’s memory garden. Crape myrtles grow in zones 7,8 and 9, which is the lower half of the United States. Yoshino cherry trees are also wonderful, growing further north.

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