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How could my stillborn baby be here, I didn’t push yet? I was so confused. My heart was beating in my throat and I couldn’t say anything. My mother-in-law and nurse Tara were the only ones looking at Tanner laying between my legs. My husband was standing by my side and the blanket was separating us from our son.

Nurse Tara gently picked up Tanner and swaddled him in a blankie and took him to another room to be cleaned. That was our wish. I am completely blank as to what I was thinking about when Tanner was in the other room. I am not confused as to the emotion I was feeling though….EXCITED. Even though I had been told he was dead I was very excited to see him. Tanner is our first born child and created by us.

I asked my mother in law what she saw and she said he looked like a baby and that the umbilical cord was very visible. Yes very visible because it was wrapped around his tiny neck 3 times and then around his arm/shoulder area. It was apparent what killed him.

Nurse Tara came back into the room and in her angelic voice told us what to expect. Because of the lack of oxygen for some time, his lips would be a crimson color and Tanner’s skin somewhat delicate with a tear by his nose and eye. Bruises on his body from the umbilical cord. This was all happening before the doctor arrived because Tanner came as such a surprise.

I am so thankful for nurse Tara to have taken so many pictures of us holding our sweet angel Tanner. Who would have thought it would be like this. Isn’t he just perfect. Read Tanner’s energy reading from our holistic reader. Connect with your baby too.

The Birth of My Stillborn Baby-Part 1

If you are local to the Piedmont Triad Area (Greensboro, Oak Ridge, Pleasant Garden, Burlington, Kernersville, Randleman, etc.) and would like to tell your baby’s story in an interview, please contact me-Diana(@)justacloudaway.com. The grief of loosing an infant or pregnancy is one of the most difficult life transitions to endure and sharing with the community of how to act, what to say and what to do in support of bereaved parents can and should be shared to alleviate unnecessary stress and hurt feelings. The interview will be posted on http://justacloud.wordpress.com.

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Peace Love and Hugs from Above  www.justacloudaway.com


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