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I am so blessed for the views I have through my windows. On one side is a pasture full of goats, 2 sides of the house are rolling hayfields, and lastly is the  beautiful wooded area with no other homes in sight. When we had the home built I had them position the front of the house facing the woods and in the mornings this is what God provided for our eyes.


Since I work most of the week in our home I tend to daydream often. It just can’t be helped because there is always something to look at. The birds looking for worms, the squirrels packing nuts in their mouths or the trees swaying from the breeze coming across the hayfield. Daydreaming helps me cope when I am under stress. I can escape for a moment and just dream about whatever I choose, bringing much needed peace.

One day looking out of the family room window I noticed something moving. I walked out onto the deck and they stopped moving. 2 deer just stood there and looked at me, I could not believe it. I thought to myself that running for the camera would surely cause them to dart off. Well they sure didn’t.


Since I am a landscape designer we are not lacking in flowers on our property. Looking out of the kitchen window there are masses of flowers. Lavender, black-eyed susans, asters, dianthus, lilac, and many others to attract visitors of the flying kind. I saw a butterfly rather unique on the lavender plant and needed to photograph him.


The monarch butterfly is abundant in this area, so he was a treasure for me.

The goat pasture is 50 feet from our home and I love it. I have seen baby goats being born, drinking milk from their mothers and just playing together. One day 2 goats were relaxing in the sun laying in the water bowl.


I never take any of these precious moments for granted. My stillborn son and my 2 other angel babies communicate with me through nature. God provides grieving parents this tool to receive signs from angels in heaven. I believe in opening one’s heart to allow for this communication to be manifested. We can’t have them here physically but their little spirits are.

My stillborn son Tanner comforted me in a big way

Keep your hearts open for your angels

Peace Love and Hugs from Above  www.justacloudaway.com


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