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The sadness I felt after loosing my stillborn son and 2 early pregnancy losses was overwhelming. I needed to talk to a man of God because nothing was easing my pain. I hadn’t attended the Catholic Church in so many years that I felt guilty going back. So I tried connecting with a pastor of another faith.

This was a big mistake. I emailed this man of God, asking if I could come in and talk about my losses  and the depression taking over my spirit. I quickly received an email stating that he would love to talk to me but that he didn’t take appointments on Saturday’s. Was I hearing this correctly? I could be a potential member. Was the church full? Did he not want to hear my problems? If this man had no interest in me, who would?

I feel sorry for the members of this church. If you died or had a life threatening illness and needed prayer on a Saturday, was he playing golf? Did he have pressing matters other than the people that paid his salary?

I am well over this event and it was God’s plan. I wasn’t intended to be consoled by him or join his church.

I spent an afternoon driving around looking for a church I saw on a billboard. I never could find it because I wasn’t blessed with the gift of “good directional skills”. However, I did find Saint PiusX in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I just wanted to be inside of a church to pray. I thought that being within a house of God that the requests I made could be heard easier.

Walking in was uncomfortable to begin with. There were several people sitting in this room, which was very quiet. I then saw a person get up and walk through a door after another had exited. Oh my, this was confessional time. Do I walk out or stay? I made it this far, so I stayed and waited for my turn to meet a stranger that would have tremendous impact on my healing.

My fear led me here and my fear helped me to heal.

God and my new church family are now in my life and that is the way it’s supposed to be. I am home.

Peace Love and Hugs from Above  www.justacloudaway.com


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