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sunset-c2.jpgDo you have a camera? Do you think about your babies in heaven? Then you can keep a sky journal. Please don’t think that if you do not have any photographs of your children because they were miscarried or died very early in life, that you cannot memorialize your angels with pictures. There are so many ways to keep their memories alive, even the beautiful sky.

90% of the time I will have my camera hanging from my neck, like a forever tourist. I will not hesitate to pull over in my car to take a picture of the sky when I am thinking about my stillborn son, Tanner. If the sky looks unusually spectacular, that is another sign that my sweet little child is communicating with me. Unfortunately one of the times that fell in the 10% I don’t carry my camera was when I looked up to see 2 jet smoke trails crossing to form a “T”.

One parent took a very serene picture of their favorite vacation spot when remembering their sweet child, others may photograph sunrises and sunsets. You will know when you feel your sweet angel’s presence to take the perfect photograph. Journal your feelings at the time of your glorious sky pictures to remember your angel’s visit to you.

These beautiful images can be placed into a sky journal or your family scrapbook. If you don’t have a camera just ask for one as a gift. It is an affordable hobby to help you on your grieving journey and a wonderful way to use energy in a positve light.

Please feel free to share your photos with me

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