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There is a kind of metamorphose that takes place within our hearts after the loss of a child. It’s not the change in shape or color, but a change in strength.

I do not like when grief is measured and I am only offering an explanation of how grief is different for those who have lost their babies.

We as humans know we are going to die and go about our business until faced with death in our own families. An aunt, a mother or a close friend passes on and we are devastated. Our lives have come to a brief hault as reality sets in.

When a couple sees 2 pink lines of a much desired positive pregnancy test, every ounce of their being soars to the clouds with excitement. This euphoria is almost constant and they are not on the same level as everyone else. When the baby’s heartbeat suddenly stops, the parents have a very long way to fall. They are changed, their future will not include a living child, the family unit will not be what they envisioned since the positive pregnancy test.

A couple who have an angel may

tenderly help a lost child find her parents in a crowd

angrily scold a strange woman for dropping cigarette ashes on top of her granddaughters head

take a friends toddler for a walk in the park

guard their only living child with great caution

wear pink and blue ribbons, especially in October

highlight the first Tuesday of every month on their calendars for support meetings

attend a special Christmas event in December honoring angels

include a subtle symbol of an angel on every greeting card sent

gaze at little children with an exuberant amount of love in their eyes

become emotional at baptisms, christenings, funerals or school plays

Yes, there is a difference in the grief following pregnancy and infant loss. We just want you to know we will never forget them and will always love our children in heaven.

For another  article, please read “Do I Have to Bury Him” at http://justacloudaway.com/nav-sidebar-ideas/articles/bury.html

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