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You really have no idea when the tears will flow until you are right smack in the middle of it.

I decided to attend church on a Saturday, by myself. I just wanted a little alone time with God. I just listened to the choir practice and stared toward the alter at the beautifully lit Christmas trees. The last time I was here on a Saturday was 4 years ago, after the stillbirth of my son Tanner. I just showed up at this church because I was so depressed and wanted to pray. It is strange that I never put 2 and 2 together because I have never attended church on a Saturday here. After I composed myself, I see a woman carrying a pitcher of water down the aisle. This could only mean one thing, a baptism. I fought the tears again. Sweet little Tanner should have been up there 4 years prior.

I have talked to other women that have lost children, pregnancies and babies over 20 years ago and they too have tear triggers. They did say that their living children know when mom leaves the room that another child is being missed.

I cry and like to cry. I feel so much better afterwards. This is one way we as parents of angels are changed for life, tear triggers or just situations where are angels are so close to us.

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