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The death of a baby born or unborn is the end of our earthly dreams. Those dreams are replaced by anger, confusion, guilt and devastation. We are in a state of panic and shock.

How can the rest of the world go on? Don’t they know what has happened to us?

We are then drawn to inform the world that we are parents too!

Doesn’t society know that our love is deep therefore the depth of our pain is also?

Creating memorials for our angels enables us to use energy in a positive way. Just a Cloud Away scrapbook kits were created to work through the grieving process.

Journal your love- Rip, glue and tear paper- Put it away, take it back out- Be angry, be sad- Dream of Eternity- Be mad at God- Cherish your perfect children- Take control of your healing- Document your angels for the world- Love your support system- Be gentle to yourself- Ask other people what your baby meant to them- Create pages with a support group- What do you want others to remember about your baby?

Life does not stand “still”(even though we may want it to), however, the love for our angels will “still” be in our hearts for eternity.

Share your love with Just a Cloud Away and we will post your memorial page. For inspiration visit www.justacloudaway.com and www.kotapress.com/siteSearch.htm

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It’s been over 3 years since Tanner passed and I hit another wall. I never wanted friends or family to endure the pain of losing a child. I have worked hard through my grief, up and down like a rollar coaster with epilepsy. I have done my work and my angel babies have changed me for the good. I had painted this beautiful picture of family and friends supporting me in EVERY way, because I was ok now. NOT the case. We are NOT in the same place, they didn’t lose a child, they didn’t have to work through grief, they may still feel I have been cheated and they don’t want to feel the pain I did.

My family and friends do support me, but on a different level. I had to put myself in their shoes to figure that out. We are a different community and as long as others respect the way in which we grieve and our need to be “parents of angels”,  it’s ok.

I truly love my family and friends for being there for me. We are  wearing different shoes and they all fit just right:)

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