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It’s ok to Cry

 Last night I attended a Rachel’s Cry candlelight memorial service for our angel babies and what a wonderful experience. It truly filled me with the Holy Spirit. A sense of peace washed over me and the sweet and kind prayers were indescribable.

 During the service I couldn’t help but cry and i am ok with that because I always feel better afterwards. So i did some research and it wasn’t surprising to find crying releases toxins and eases stress, creating a more relaxed state. This seems to be an inexpensive and healthy outlet for coping with our sorrows and stress.

 We are all overcome with stress once in awhile. When that happens to me, I think of my angels and down come the tears. Tears of sadness…….some. I also cry because I miss not knowing them. Everytime I cry thinking of them, they are tickling my heart and at the end of the session my lips curl into a smile. My angels have a sense of humor like me and I Love That!!

Tickle me always my sweet children

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What gift has your heavenly baby given to you?

Was it

* a greater love for children

* a renewed relationship with your spouse

* the gift to adopt a child that needs your love

* a new appreciation for all that you do have

We need to find that one special gift, but there will be many. These are our special children who have created something different in us.

If I didn’t have angel babies i would not have been able to offer comforting words to my uncle on his last days here. How sad to watch someone you know suffer and being uncertain about where they are going. I promised him we would all be together again and that time is measured differently in heaven. 50 years here is but a second there. The next blink and we will embrace again.

My sweet Uncle then offered me comfort. He said he would teach Tanner how to fish by the stream. I can’t tell you what a gift that is to me. My dear Uncle Jim….I Love You

Feel free to share with me your gifts


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