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SORRY. anyone that has tried to contact me at Just a Cloud Away prior to January 29th. I just had the function linked today. So please email me again if you have any questions. Again, my apologies, i am still trying to work out these little details


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We hear of heaven………in the songs on the radio………preached to us by the holy men of our churches…….on sympathy cards………..as a reference to something beautiful-heavenscent.

I would think that opens the door for us to talk about our heavenly children. The concept of heaven is all around us, so why is the mention of our heavenly children so uncomfortable to some?

Do they not believe in heaven or do they feel sorry for us because our children are not here? If it is the latter, they should encourage us to speak of our babies because we love to hear their names, which gives us great comfort. If they do not believe in heaven, we should help them to understand how we believe in what is unseen with great faith. 

Heaven is reality and so are the visions of our beautiful babies that await us


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